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Food: Stealth Veggies and Panini Making

cart He’s six-foot-four-inches tall, and he weighed 225 pounds. He was playing JV and varsity football with two games a week. There were issues, and one of the seniors said to him, ‘If you weren’t so slow and fat we would have won’. So he went on a starvation diet and got down to 190 pounds. Since then, he has stabilized and wants to gain weight in a healthy way. He reads labels…so I have to be more creative with my cooking because healthy food is more expensive. He won’t even eat baked fries now. He loves paninis. Target had a Panini maker on sale, and I bought it for him…During the summer, he uses his Panini maker every day
—Marly, mom of a teenager
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Exercise and Sports: Moving Together

award Sports are a physical necessity for him. It’s also important for leadership and emotional stability. There is the physical chemistry of what’s happening while you are competing. He has to stay focused for teammates and himself and support the goals. There is discipline transfer. My role is to “support his passion”. I see myself as a ‘football mom’ because I feel his desires and support them. I am not a mom who is really afraid of injury, if this is his passion, part of it is that he will get an injury. There are many different arenas to be involved in the sports world with your child. The child feels your total focus, you want the parent involved.
—Karly, mom of two teenagers
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Education: From Leapfrog to College

pen My mom was extremely involved, did all the research, and showed me a list. She would set up the visits with the admissions office, and did her work on that. I have a twin brother so the two of us went through this at the same time, in part for scheduling no conflict., so it would run smoothly. I was completely happy, she did an amazing job, went above and beyond. During high school she kept me focused so I did not become overly emotional and get into drama with my friends. She would say education is important, you have to have good grades.
—Niki, a young adult
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Safety and Health: Safety Gates, Stranger Danger and Designated Drivers

scale The main thing I am concerned about as they are adults is drinking and driving. They’ve never had any trouble, but I’m very cognizant of the fact that they like to drink. When my daughter turned twenty-one, I sat her down and said, you need to not drink and drive and to have a designated driver. I’ve discussed that there is alcoholism on both sides of the family. Every weekend when she goes out, she’s heading to a party. Recently, she told me they are going to a party and have booked a hotel room as she is probably going to get trashed.
—Diane, mom of young adults
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Technology: Texting, Talking, Teaching

phone The cell phone is my way of keeping in contact with anybody I need to when I’m not at home. I use Facebook at night to play on the computer but the cell phone is more important (during the day) because that’s the way I communicate if I call or text (while at work).
—Corkey, mom of an elementary schoolchild
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Fashion and Beauty: Sweater Vests be Gone!

purse Almost all the moms on my street are stay-at-home moms. They’re always out and running and staying fit. When I hear them talk, they’re very much into style and fashion. They’re watching E! and Bravo and America’s Next Top Model and What Not to Wear. There are so many messages to see about being hip, not dowdy.
—Melissa, mom of a middle schooler

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